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                                                                          Pure water for your industry

Get a pure water, without annoying salts, for your industrial process as if water of snow was. MARNORTE, specialist in production of desalination systems by reverse osmosis, offers you the SERIES AS for brackish waters to improve the quality of the water in your industrial or commercial process. Most of our waters are drinkable from the biological point of view, but they are never chemically . Salts in excess, strange chemical pollutants, virus, high contents in chlorides, nitrates and sulfates, and a without end of components that the public neither private supplies are eliminating in spite of being harmful for the industrial or commercial processes, and even in occasions for the health. As result of the experience and technology acquired in the desalination of waters by reverse osmosis, MARNORTE proposes you the solution for this problems of water in yours industrial or commercial process. Each unit of the SERIES AS is studied to solve each problem in particular. Each unit of the SERIES AS is studied to solve the specify problem of each client.        

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